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My job as the loan officer is to help educate my clients on the loan process and to help each person determine which loan structure fits their short and long-term financial goals. I have been a mortgage Loan Officer for 11 years and I truly enjoy every aspect of the mortgage business. Educating my clients on how a mortgage works and how important it is for them to have the correct mortgage for their unique situation gives me a great deal of satisfactions. To do this, I get to consult with each client so I can understand their goals. I believe the proper home loan plays a vital role in a solid financial plan.

My Personal Story

I’m a saver! I haven’t always been that way, but it’s how my parents taught me as a child. I grew up in Georgia in an average lower/middle-class family. My parents knew the value of working hard and keeping spending under control. As a child, I didn’t understand the importance of personal finance like I do now. It took me moving out of my parents’ home to realize how much I enjoyed saving money. It’s my mission to show others how to make wise financial decisions.

I started life in the “real world” working in a restaurant. At that time, each dollar counted towards a greater financial vision I had. After every shift, my co-workers encouraged me to accompany them to celebrate the end of the work day. That required money and I can’t say I wasn’t tempted. I instead drove to the local bank and deposited my earning in the night deposit. This way I couldn’t touch it under the strongest urging of my friends.

I’ve developed a handful of foolproof rules to save money. I’ll share with you my top 2:

Saving Money Rule #1 – Don’t Keep Cash On Hand!
Out of sight–out of mind. This is how I afforded my wife’s wedding ring. I find myself storing money out of site, especially in my 401k and IRA programs. There is value in forgetting you have money in smart places.

Saving Money Rule #2 – Pay Yourself First
It’s harder to save money once my paycheck has been deposited in my checking account. I always make sure any direct deposit goes into a separate account that will be used most responsibly. My retirement savings is always pre-taxed.

When my wife and I purchased our first home I was terrified! How could I afford a home? In reality, the payment wasn’t much more than what I was paying in rent, but it felt so permanent–so concrete. The loan officer didn’t educate us much at all. It wasn’t an awful experience, but no memorable trust was built. This impacted my style once I was a loan officer. It feels natural to educate clients and over communicate what loan options are available. My clients should always leave my office with a clear understanding of their best loan option. My client’s focus should be on finding the home that fits their family and not worry about if they have the right loan option.

Two of the great traits I inherited from my parents (not to mention the fiscally conservative South) are (1) never spend more than you have and (2) a man’s integrity is his most valuable asset. I will never promise anything I cannot deliver. These two important attributes are why I enjoy the mortgage business. I help people finance the American Dream of Home-ownership and I make guarantees to my clients every day that showcase my integrity and trust. My client’s satisfaction keeps me moving forward. I don’t see myself as a mortgage lender–rather a mortgage and financial advisor.

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