1. Can I purchase a home with no money down?
Yes! There are several programs that offer No Money down options.
2. What are your rates?
This depends on many factors: credit, down payment, loan program, loan type, loan amount, loan term. The rate question is similar to calling your Doctor and asking what is wrong with me. It’s hard to know the exact diagnosis without a proper consultation.
3. Can a family member help me purchase a home?
Yes! This can be in the form of a gift or as a co-signer.
4. Who pays closing cost and how much are they?
Again, it depends on the situation. Often, the seller pays the closing cost, sometimes the buyer and sometimes the mortgage company. A mortgage loan has many different variables that it is impossible to have one answer until we can meet and devise a plan.
5. Why should I use you as my mortgage lender instead of my local bank?
This question has several answers. Your local bank is usually really good at checking accounts, personal loans and car loans, but often the small bank does not have the resources needed to properly handle complex mortgage lending. Also, employees at small banks handle different functions in a bank. I handle one function and my expertise is in originating home loans. The mortgage business is complex and most people have seen this complexity over the past several years play out in the media. The opposite can be said about large banks. The large banks are just too large to personally handle individual loans in a timely fashion and most clients feel neglected and uninformed. Buying a home is a personal experience and I help make that experience enjoyable.

“I am very passionate about my clients and their financial stability. Every client has different goals and objectives. I am not a financial advisor or do I sell financial products. My job is to help my clients Discover, Plan and Execute their financial goals and dreams.”

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