Employer Mortgage Program

When you run a business creating value for your employees can get expensive. Between healthcare and 401k plans this can add up quickly. I’ve committed to adding more value to local businesses without charging them a penny more. I do this by creating special mortgage discounts to employees of my benefits program. This is a program designed to help employers educate and assist their employees in the mortgage, financial planning, and estate planning fields. The program is simple and free to employers.

For employers that have more than 50 employees I offer a special discount on their employee’s mortgage financing. I have relationships with preferred real estate agents to add additional savings on purchasing or selling a home. Every employer I have met with has seen the value in offering this program to their staff.

What can be expected?

We will…

Educate, organize and execute a financial plan fit with the employee’s best interest in minds.
Assist employees in making educated real estate decisions (both personal and investment) with the help of our trusted real estate advisors.
Preserve current and future assets with the help of our team of financial advisors.
Guide with knowledgeable mortgage advice: Newsletters, Onsite Education and free credit and mortgage consultations.

“I am very passionate about my clients and their financial stability. Every client has different goals and objectives. I am not a financial advisor or do I sell financial products. My job is to help my clients Discover, Plan and Execute their financial goals and dreams.”

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