If you are like me I am always searching for ways to teach my son and daughter important life lessons. I found www.themint.org to be a great resource. The website is full of great content that is easy to understand. I want to share this article from their site.

7 ways to Kids can Earn Money

Sometimes, the things you want cost more money than you have. What do you do? You can either save up by not spending on other items, or you can try to earn some extra money.

With a little work, a little creativity and an okay from your parents, you can start adding to your piggy bank.. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Help out more at home.
    Ask your parents if you can help with any big projects around the house: cleaning or organizing the garage, basement, or attic. Or you can help tidy closets, straighten up the laundry area. You can think of more.
  2. Help people take care of their yards.
    Tell your neighbors that you would like to be their helping hand. Offer to help with grass-cutting, snow shoveling or leaf-raking. You can pull weeds, water lawns, or pick up branches during spring clean-up. Make flyers and drop them off at houses in your neighborhood.
  3. Wash cars.
    Turn your driveway into a neighborhood car wash.
  4. Babysit little kids.
    Once you’re legally old enough, take a babysitting class. Local hospitals usually offer these classes. Parents are always looking for a good sitter.
  5. Start a dog-walking service.
    Feed, watch or walk dogs. If you’re really responsible, you might offer to care for other people’s pets — like lizards and birds —while they’re busy or away from home.
  6. Sell unwanted items.
    Set up a “rummage sale.” Some parks and schools hold big rummage sales. You could be a part of them. Some stores sell “used” toys and clothes. Ask your parents about this idea. They can help you find a store in your neighborhood.
  7. Sell candy or bakery.
    Bake some cookies and brownies and sell them at events.

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